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Australia’s Favourite Gourmet Dog Treats

Give your dog a snack they’ll always love. When dry treats aren’t cutting it and they’re bored of hot dogs, the Pooches on Pakington range will guarantee you’ve got their full attention. Suitable for every breed from tiny Pekinese to the biggest mastiffs, they’re sure to be a favourite in any dog-owning home.

Get inventive, delicious snacks for your pup online from our gourmet dog bakery

We know that dogs have special dietary needs, so our range is specially formulated to go down well each and every time. Delicious and nutritious, this range is ideal for training stubborn dogs in distracted environments, because your pup will put a lot more value in them than a dried treat.

Knowing exactly what your dog responds to in terms of food is crucial for owners training new commands or trying to install some manners in a puppy. From carob and yoghourt scrolls to doggy crackles and donuts, there’s a huge range here to choose from. No pooch is able to resist our collection of gourmet dog treats, so buy a selection and find out which one is your pup’s favourite!

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We love your dog as much as you do, that’s why our team has scoured the globe to bring together only the most respected names in accessories and clothing. From comfortable beds to warm jackets, there’s something here for every four-legged member of the family.

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